Software Engineer, Search Technology

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


Lumen5 is a smart video creation tool. Companies love Lumen5 because it allows them to produce high-quality video at scale by utilizing their existing blog content. Lumen5 is used by over 200k companies, including Blizzard Entertainment, Kaspersky, Oxfam, Adidas, and Yamaha.

We’re working on some very interesting technical challenges using search, video and machine learning, which means we’re hiring the brightest developers.

Our developers don’t just write code though - they drive the future of the company! They are independent and creative. They come up with solutions, and they are empowered to implement those solutions.

We’re looking for a backend developer with a special experience in search - someone who’s not afraid of search engine internals, optimizing for relevancy, and indexing unstructured data.

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